SEO Tips and Techniques are not a simple affair. SEO is also a dynamic and fast-paced field. It can be frustrating if you rely on backdated SEO Tips and Techniques that will no longer work. The actual goal of SEO is making an adjustment to your blog, that’s why stay well informed & learn continuously. In this article, you will find 10 advanced SEO tips and techniques list that plays an important role in the SEO of websites. You should check if you want to stay at the top of the search engine’s ever-evolving algorithm, and improve your Google ranking. You can now buy SoundCloud followers instantly at good rates. 

SEO Defined

We are simply analyzing what search engine optimization is and what it serves. SEO is the process of influencing the visibility of a site or page in the unpaid portion of an internet search engine result. Generally speaking, the higher and more often the site appears in search engine results, the more visitors the web can get from an internet search engine. SEO can target different types of searches, including images, local searches, videos, academic information, news, or narrow searches in specific fields.

The easiest way to find a website is through search engines (e.g. Google, Bing), using specific keywords. These may be the name of a company (e.g. Aroush Tech), the category of services (e.g. SEO Service), a particular product, etc. The results that search engines give us vary from a few thousand to many millions of websites related to the keyword we used in the search. At the top of the results, you will find the web pages that are most relevant to that keyword phrase.

It makes sense that the keyword “SEO Tips and Techniques” will yield much more results than the keyword “Tips and Techniques”. The results are presented in pages (every 10 results) and the user usually reads the first, second, or even third page, choosing to visit the website of an SEO Tips and Techniques company located in one of them. So the SEO Tips and techniques company presented within the first 1-30 results receive a lot more visitors than the one presented in the next posts.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO includes various methods and SEO tips and techniques aimed at improving the visibility on web search engines. These methods can help your site appear in search results more often and in better positions.

A concrete example, Suppose you set up a website where you present your new Pilsen hairdresser. Then you probably want your site to be found by those who don’t know their exact address. It would be good if your site was previewed in search results for people who type “hairdresser Pilsen” in the search box on Google or in the search box.

Only for this connection will Google find about 469 000 results. It is so important that you are not only among them, but preferably among the first, and not somewhere on the last page. Few people go through them all. Most of us just click on the links on the first page and the next one doesn’t even get it.

TIP: Research shows that only about 2% of people reach the second and subsequent search results pages. Ideally, your site appears on important words and phrases on the first page. This is quite difficult for newly created sites, but nothing is impossible. With a little effort and time, you can be there once.

Types of SEO

Paid SEO: Paid SEO is Google has to pay the money per visit to the visitor for quick search ranking in SERPs.

Organic SEO: Organic SEO does not have to pay for every click of visitors. Organic SEO generally two types are:

On-Page Optimization: On-page SEO, we make some important changes within our website or the blog itself so that our blog article or website comes to the first position of the first page of Google.

Off-Page Optimization: Which promotes your blog are related to your topic. This process is normally called Backlink.

On-page SEO Definition

On-page SEO is a process through which we try to optimize our article into the top results of Google by optimizing some essential things within our website or blog. Which gives us traffic.

During an on-page SEO, we basically do keyword research for the article on our blog first and then use it in a specific place in our article, apart from the URL of the blog. You have to pay attention to everything, like the Design of the blog, loading speed, and the quality of the article.

Google’s crawlers are slowly becoming very smart. So if a blogger wants to rank on the first page of Google, then he or she has a need to pay special attention to the on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO Key Factors:

Quality and unique content

Quality content is beneficial for the visitor. In terms of clarity, it is divided into headings. Why is it unique? Duplicate is punished. Above all, you should always try to offer more detailed and better-formulated information than our competitors. The content should be properly structured (headings H1, H2, H3 pages should have a title and meta tag description.

Logical information architecture

It is also important to link and link individual content pages. Do not forget useful information pages, advice, tips, or frequently asked questions from clients.

Validity – correctly programmed website

Technical parameters of the website are important for the correct display and comprehensibility of the content. The correct marking of headings, captions, alternative image captions, and many other parameters are within our competence.

Page load speed

Often underestimated factors – page load speed is a matter of hosting, server location, hardware parameters, connectivity. Our servers are located in Prague in Casablanca and ensure maximum availability of your site.

Off-page SEO Definition

Off-page is the best SEO technique that helps your website appear on the Internet. This is nothing but the best link-building process to get related traffic to your website. With the help of on-page techniques, we can gain visibility in search engines while off-page SEO techniques will help you improve your website rank in SERPs.

Off-Page SEO Key Factors:

Number of backlinks

You can increase the popularity of your site by trusting links to your site from another site on the Internet. Links from catalogs and other easily accessible variants do not work. Why? The robot will also recognize the attractiveness of the link based on how many people actually click through or whether the website that recommended you in this way has contextual value for your business. If a robot recognizes that you have tried to replace the quality of a number of links, it may feel you want to pee it and will penalize you.

Social interaction

A number of content sharing on social networks, the number of “likes”, discussions – these are basic measurable indications that the content of your website is interesting for visitors.

Participation in discussions

Participate in discussions on the Internet, keeping in touch with your potential customers. Advise them, recommend them, listen to them and adapt the pages to their questions and wishes.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – Advantages

  • You get free to click through the search engines once your site is optimized
  • You do not need to manage your free search rankings as sharply as with pay per click
  • With SEO you can get a significant increase in website traffic
  • Your website gets exposure 24/7
  • There are many SEO opportunities in sectors where SEO is not yet being used
  • There are opportunities in local SEO

Search Engine Optimization – Disadvantages

  • SEO can be time-consuming and costly
  • SEO is not a guarantee of ranking on the first page of Google
  • Deployment of SEO requires that your website is built according to the rules of the search engine
  • Most websites are not compatible with SEO and need to be rebuilt
  • Articles, links and keyword-rich text need to be constantly updated

Important SEO Tips and Techniques Beginners Need To Know

Here are some of the SEO Tips and Techniques that you need to keep in mind. For all these SEO services there are specialized executives in our company who can assist you. However, many of these SEO Tips and Techniques will be able to be performed by you yourself following our proper guidance. SEO Tips and Techniques that will help you evaluate the SEO company you work with

SEO is a long-term process … Get ready personally.

Many think of SEO as a one-time process, someone even as something that goes on or off on the site. That is definitely not the case. Work, of course, begins with the creation of the site but should continue meaningfully. It is a continuous expansion and updating of the site by someone who has knowledge of your business. Knows customer inquiries, knows your products and services. It is difficult to find such a person as an externalist. The ideal is to combine an external company with perfect knowledge of SEO and online marketing and an internal worker who creates content and communicates with customers. We will be happy to help you with the design of a suitable strategy, we can teach your staff the management of the content management system through training, we can lead them externally and evaluate their work.

Build quality and unique content

Content is very important. From our experience, we have to say that we always see that the client always expects our copywriter to create all the texts himself. In the case of cooperation, we rely on the half-empty original pages or the address of the competitor. A website is a powerful tool to reach new customers, but the text needs to have a header and a footer. It should appeal primarily to the audience in the industry. Our copywriter will certainly help you with text corrections, but the content of the site should be primarily considered by an expert in the field.

Format the text correctly

A sophisticated article with lots of interesting information will not be read unless it is properly structured and formatted. Divide the text into paragraphs with a maximum of 4 to 5 lines, using bullets, captions, and subtitles (and mark them in the system as well). Highlight important places in bold and don’t be afraid to refer to other parts of the site when appropriate. Then don’t overdo it with keywords as you type. Excessive use would only harm you. Forget the rules about how many pages should be on the page and write naturally, understandably, and concisely. Your readers will appreciate it.

TIP: Consider carefully the font type and size. Texts should be easy to read, both on computers and mobile devices. In addition, beware of the 5 most common mistakes on the newly created website.

Remember the headlines and page titles

Each HTML page should have a number of so-called meta information. This is information that the regular visitor does not see on the page.

Which to fill and which to not?

There is no need to fill in keywords (meta tag Keywords), List and Google robots no longer see this meta tag and what is important to understand directly from the content. On the other hand, the page title and meta tag description are very important. From these two pieces of information, search engines compile so-called snips (“ads” in the search result).

Headline – 65 characters, depending on word order, affects SEO and click through rate (SERP)

Description – 150 characters, does not affect SEO but has a large impact on click through rate (CTR). Formulate like an ad, highlight the benefits.

Think about the information architecture

Information architecture is a layout of the menu structure of individual content and product pages. It is important to know what visitors will look for. There will certainly be pages describing the products and services, but we should not forget the pages reflecting clients’ frequent questions, advice (how to choose the right frame size, what length of skis). These pages can drive traffic directly from search while increasing the credibility of your site. They will help and do not need to search for information on other sites where they are likely to subscribe.

Analyze keyword search

The analysis of the search for key terms is a separate chapter. We have a product or service and look for the right terms to use in your content because our potential customers often enter them in search engines. As far as we know what they are looking for and how they are looking for it, we can better formulate the content of the web so that they can find us…. (Search statistics).

After a while, we will have the best expression in Excel and a number of searches per month, per day, etc. We will also know a variety of alternatives, synonyms, colloquial or slang terms. We would like to mention one essential thing, which is the so-called long-tail expressions. Long-tail keyword In practice, it is a multi-word connection. For example, if we target the word “insurance”, we find that it enters 6521 people a day on the List. But does it make sense to target it? There is a lot of competition and a person who would come from a search engine will probably leave again because we are not able to guess what he is looking for. It is better to target more specific (long-tail) phrases – e.g. Home insurance (searched 91 times a day), liability insurance (38 times a day). It is worth targeting specificity and preparing more landing pages.

Analyze, measure and evaluate

Google Analytics is a tool that can track user behavior on your site.

  • Where the visitor clicked through
  • How long does a visitor spend on a particular page?
  • Whether the visitor left in the first few seconds
  • How much revenue do you generate for each ad channel?
  • How many people come a day to buy or order a service from Facebook
  • Conversion rate – how many percents of visitors order a product or service, and how many leave without an order
  • The ratio of new and returning customers
  • More demographic and personal information
  • Speed plays a very important role
  • Most people think of slow loading times as just something annoying to users, but the consequences of slow loading are great. Page speed has long been a search rank factor, and Google has stated that it may soon be using mobile page speed as a factor in mobile search rankings. (Of course, your audience will appreciate the fastest page load times.)

Many have used the Google Page Speed Insights tool to get an analysis of the speed of their site and the recommendations it proposes to improve. For those who want to improve mobile site performance, Google has a new mobile page speed tool that is focused on mobile devices. This tool will control the page load time, test your mobile site on a 3G connection, evaluate mobile usability, and more

Build a network of links – Link building

Establish a partnership and think first of all where to place the link appropriately so that it is a source of real traffic in the future. Forget bulk sign-up for your business catalogs, as this is just a way to get a broken link to places that no one will come to your site from, and how to get a Google penalty. The differences in the contribution of the individual links leading to your domain can be so great that 5 quality links at the point where your target group is located can have several times greater impact on your positions than 1000 bulk links using the ad: !! Be sure not to respond to the offerings of companies offering so-called SEO toolbars (a system of links that is usually placed on the top of the page). Google has recognized this technique for several years. Use common sense when evaluating other suspicious offers. Do not think about how to piss the search engines at all. Search engines change and develop their algorithms to recognize and penalize all incorrect SEO (black hat SEO) techniques.

Create a company profile on Facebook and LinkedIn

We meet clients who do not have a personal profile on Facebook for various reasons. We understand it and impose a different view on someone. But it is clear from the statistics that more and more people consult their “friends” on Facebook before buying, searching for companies and their company profiles, actively sharing and “liking” content. Do you want to go upstream or use the potential of social networks commercially? It always depends on the product or service.

Online Marketing Is Not Just An Alternative To SEO

Online marketing includes all advertising systems that bring your brand to the attention of your target audience. The most used systems are PPC campaigns (Adwords, Sklik), price comparators (Google shopping), but we have a number of other options. We can create viral videos, use Facebook PPC, send our clients regular newsletters, etc. Importantly, online marketing and SEO are closely related. By advertising in the above systems, you increase the popularity of the site and the traffic to the site, which is usually reflected in natural (organic) search results.


SEO Tips and Techniques are an important activity that is needed in this world. As we have seen, a lot of things can be debugged during development. There are more articles on this topic because it is a very desirable topic and special part. So write in the comments or e-mail and definitely help you.

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