15 Secretly Funny People Working in borderline personality disorder lying

You probably have a friend that you can spot lying all the time. And that friend is borderline personality disorder lying.

By definition, borderline personalities are people who lie a lot to themselves and others. But there are some lies that just seem to be borderline.

The reason this is bad for us is that we become convinced that our lies are true. It is like a child who has made up a lie because it’s the only thing to cover the truth.

While borderline personalities lie a lot, they are by definition not delusional. They do not believe they are delusional. But some people are delusional in a way we cannot begin to understand. Some borderline personalities are actually mentally ill. Borderlines themselves are in fact borderline in a very specific way. In borderline, it is not the lie itself that is the problem, but the way the liar believes that lies are true.

Borderline individuals are very smart. They are often very good at lying, but the liar is not necessarily a smart person. It is the liar’s belief that lying is true that is the problem. A liar typically doesn’t know how to tell a lie and doesn’t even realize that a lie is a lie until it is too late.

This is a very important point to understand. This means that a liar is not necessarily a good person. They are not necessarily the least bit intelligent or very good at lying. They are simply not capable of lying with conviction. Borderline people do not think like this. We have the ability to tell lies, but it takes a very special kind of liar to tell a real lie with conviction.

Borderline people often have a very short attention span, so they tend to not pay attention to what is going on around them. This short attention span is often a result of the fact that in order to be an excellent liar one must be a very good liar, and it takes a very skilled liar to be able to lie with conviction. It takes a very skilled liar to be able to lie with conviction because lying with conviction is such a critical skill for a liar.

So why do borderline personalities lie? Some may say it’s because they’re insecure and cannot admit to their own insecurity. Others may say that they’re not good at lying in general and that they’ve never been good at lying because they think lying takes a lot of self-awareness, and the fact that it’s the most important skill in the world doesn’t make lying any easier to learn.

People with borderline personality disorder are not as good at lying as the other types of lying. Although they can be very convincing and have a lot of conviction when they lie to others, they are not as good at lying to themselves. So in my opinion theyre lying, but the best they can do is sound convincing.

The latest study finds that borderline personality disorder is a real disorder that can be hard to spot, so if you’re worried about yourself lying, you probably shouldn’t get a mental health diagnosis.

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