Hello, I am a self-proclaimed “caveman”. I started this blog to let my friends and family know about my experiences while in the woods.

At any rate, I am a self-proclaimed caveman because I love my weapons, and I’m the only person in the world who would carry one if it gave me a better chance of survival.

A lot of the time I like to play with words, and that’s what I do on this blog. I have a few posts about things I like, or don’t like, or like to talk about. I like to write and I talk, so I guess I am what you would call a “writer”. I also like to write about a bunch of stuff that is way outside my area of expertise.

Im not a writer, but my blog is full of stuff that I write about. I wrote about the last time I saw my cat, and the time I found out my dog died and brought me back to life. I also wrote about getting my motorcycle fixed. I have a blog about how much I like the internet, and how much I hate the internet.

I have a bunch of stuff about the internet that I write about, and a bunch of stuff about the internet that I talk about. I also like to write about a lot of fun things that are way outside my area of expertise, like how to have a successful online dating life, the history of the internet, and the history of the internet in general.

Joi.miss is basically a blog about how much I hate the internet. It got its start by talking about how much I hated the internet and how much I miss the internet so much, but also how I was able to make a career out of writing about it, and how I have made a lot of money doing it.

The whole world of online dating is full of people who have this idea that they’re the most important person in the whole world, and that no one else can be as important to them. But in reality, this is a complete myth. Yes, I have had some success online. But I’m also a recovering alcoholic, and I’m not going to be able to have any success for a while. Which is why I’m writing this blog.

I’m so glad you’ve stopped in because I’ve been a fan of your blog for years. Now, it’s safe to say I’m a fan of your writing as well. And let’s be honest, if it weren’t for Joi.Miss I would probably never have found my career in online dating.

Okay, I know, I know that I’ve been in recovery for a good eight months now. I’m now officially back in the world. But I’m still a mess. Now that I’m sober, I’m making a major effort to go back to my old life, but I still have my issues with alcohol-soaked dates and late nights.

I know it’s a tough one to ask, but what do you think? I’ve always wondered what would make your blog, and the people that read and love it, better.

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