my manager has breached my confidentiality

My manager has left a voice mail on my voicemail, and I think he wants to be certain I know it’s him before he comes back and starts talking. Even if he’s not my manager, he’s certainly someone I could call if I don’t feel comfortable speaking to him.

I’d say that sounds like a pretty serious violation of my contract. I’m sure you’re not surprised that a breach like this would result in an immediate termination, but I do feel a little bad that someone is probably going to get fired for this.

I personally know what a good person I am. I’m pretty sure he’s been called a liar, right? And I hope he’s not really that into this because he’s just not good at everything.

Yes, that sounds like a pretty serious breach of confidentiality, and you are probably right to feel badly about it. But I assure you it is not as serious as you are making it out to be. In this case, management at Arkane Studios is contacting me (who is on my team) in order to discuss my relationship with them.

I’m not sure how the message was leaked (I haven’t heard about any of this yet), but the fact that management from the company is contacting you about a leak in your team is pretty serious. If the reason for the leak is to get you fired, then that’s a big no-no. If you’re not in a relationship, you should definitely feel bad about making a mistake like that, because a leak like that is not something that you should take lightly.

My manager is threatening to tell my coworkers about an inappropriate relationship he has, and he wants to make sure they can help him get the job back. I understand that this is his way of showing his loyalty to me, and I would not want to be in a position where I had to explain myself to management every time he is angry or stressed out.

The thing is that I am also a part of a relationship with my manager, so that puts me in a position where I would have to explain myself to him every single time he starts acting like an asshole. This is why my manager is threatening to tell my coworkers and the department chair about his behavior, because it is my manager who has created the problem, not me.

So, I guess we should stop pretending that our manager is some sort of benevolent god, like Zeus or something.

My manager is a jerk, and he is going to let our coworkers and department chair know that he is an asshole because he thinks that he is. I can’t imagine that anyone is going to be sympathetic to my manager’s problem.

My manager does have a problem, but he has a different problem from mine. I have known my manager a long time. He has always been very supportive of me and my work. We have a very good relationship that is rooted in trust, so he does not need to disclose things to me that he knows to be true. In fact, the only thing that I am really worried about is that he will get mad at me, and I don’t want to let that happen.

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