Hair has a significant role in creating a good impression. For a more scientific reason, your hair helps you in preserving heat. Vibrant and healthy hair means you’re getting enough nutrients from your body and in your best condition. However, feeling dry and frizzy could signify a bad diet and a poor self-care routine. As a result, it can create a bad impression on others, affecting your self-esteem.

The best way you can get started is by figuring out the best hair care routine for you. To learn more, here are five things about hair care that can help you.

Determine Your Hair Type

Before you start doing something to your hair, you must determine your hair type. The only way you can effectively make a hair care plan is when you know what you’re dealing with. This is a crucial step because not all treatments for oily hair are appropriate for people with dry hair.

For example, people with oily hair are recommended to wash their hair frequently, unlike people with dry hair. If you wash dry hair more times than required, you’re at risk of having brittle hair, which can become hair breakage.

You can determine your hair type by taking a tissue or blotting paper, then dabbing it directly. If the tissue or blotting paper has a lot of oil, you probably have oily hair. However, you have dry hair if there’s nothing on the paper. 

Invest Time in Hair Masks and Other Treatments

The conditioner wouldn’t be enough to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. In this case, you also need to invest time applying the appropriate hair masks and other treatments. In all honesty, applying hair masks can take much of your time. 

It’ll usually take around 30 minutes to an hour or even longer. This is because hair masks will penetrate through your scalp for a better deep conditioning treatment. Also, hair masks contain more concentrated ingredients and require more prolonged hair exposure.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend too much on expensive hair masks since there are a lot of DIY masks that you can prepare at home. The ingredients are usually essential ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. However, you still need to be wary of what you put in your hair. In this case, it would help to visit a trichologist near you.

Connectively, it would be best to check up on your doctor for any hair problems so that you can incorporate the treatment into your routine. One of the most common hair problems is hair loss, and if you feel like you’re experiencing too much hair fall, visit your most reliable doctor. This is so that you can be given various hair loss or other baldness treatment options.

Shampoo on the Scalp, Conditioner on the Tips

Aside from figuring out what type of hair you have, it’s also vital that you know the proper way to wash your hair. Regardless of the frequency of washing your hair, you must remember that the shampoo goes on your scalp while the conditioner goes on your tips.

This is a general rule when you wash your hair. The reason for this is that the initial use of shampoos is to get rid of the oils in your roots since it’s usually the oiliest part of your hair. 

So, if you wash the ends of hair, you’re removing their oils, which can dehydrate them after washing the shampoo. But, again, it’s because the ends of your hair are relatively older than your roots. You must be mindful of them when washing your hair and focus on your scalp for the shampoo.

Refrain From Using Hot Water in Rinsing Your Hair

You may or may not be aware of this but rinsing your hair in hot water, especially during hot showers, can take away the essential oils from your hair, eventually drying them out. As a result, it can irritate your scalp or make your hair all frizzy and static. 

Therefore, as soothing warm showers can be, it would be best to consider your hair when taking a bath. However, if you would love to bathe in a steamy shower, you should consider covering your hair with a shower cap.

Rinsing with cold water will help reduce hair volume, lessening your hair’s frizziness. It’s also because a cold shower traps moisture and leaves your scalp more hydrated. It also closes the pores on top of your hair, which prevents dirt and extra oils from seeping through.

Consider Changing to Silk Pillowcases

To ensure that your hair care routine is not for naught, consider changing your pillow covers into silk pillowcases. This step may not be necessary, but it’s one great way to help your hair receive optimal care. It’s because the silk helps reduce the friction between the fabric and your hair, which, as a result, lessens the risk of having frizzy hair and split ends in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, self-control, determination, and knowing the things beneficial to your hair can help you improve your self-care. You may feel unsure at first, but with the help of your doctor and by reading this article, you can eventually formulate your own routine. Aside from all these, commitment to doing all these until the end is another thing.

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