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The most common synonym of the word “torture” is “tortured.” The word “torture” is derived from the Latin word tortu, which means “to twist.” In the medieval period, torture was used to punish those who broke the law. One of the reasons torture was so popular, aside from the fact that it was legal, was because tortures were considered a way of life.

In the modern day, torture is a form of punishment that is used for some crimes. Although the actual crime of torture is still classified, most people consider it to be a serious crime, because of the pain it is likely to cause.

In modern times, torture is an example of a legal crime. In the United States, the term “torture” is used as a synonym for “cruel and unusual punishment.” Torture is legal in the US and is widely considered to be a legitimate form of punishment by the courts. Torture can be a form of punishment in certain cases, but is a form of punishment in all other cases.

As for torture’s potential to be legal in our country, I’m not so sure. For example, a US court ruled against a man at the end of the Second World War because he was tortured during the war. Torture has also been used during the Vietnam War, as well as during the War on Terror. Torture is legal in almost every country, but torture is considered to be illegal in the United States.

Most countries use torture to ensure obedience and compliance, or to get information out of someone who cannot speak or give a true account of events. In the US, the Supreme Court declared torture to be illegal, but did not make the law clear. In the UK, the government made it legal, but it’s still considered to be torture.

As a result of the war on terror, many people are now being forced to make the decision to use torture. Some of those who use torture are those who are either insane or have a physical handicap.

I think many people who are tortured by the government are people who are already mentally ill. They are the people who can’t see what is really going on.

In this case, I think the reason why torture is so popular right now is due to the fact that several legal amendments to the UK’s Criminal Justice Act are being debated. In the UK, torture is illegal but can still be used to get the information that they want. In the UK, these amendments are being debated on the same day that the UK government released a report stating that torture is not legal.

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