The Ugly Truth About when you realize you mean nothing to someone

For me, I became aware that I was nothing to anyone after I started a blog, in which I write about everything I love to do. Of course, everything I do has a “value”, so if I am going to get up every morning and write about something I love to do, that value is something I care deeply about. It’s the same for the things I write about on the blog, but that value is what gets my friends to stop and read.

The blog, of course, is a lot of work. I spend a lot of time creating content and building my site, and that takes time. But if writing about everything I love to do is a value, then I realized that I was not only doing something I loved to do, I was doing something important.

For example, I wrote about the new year’s resolutions I’d made a few weeks ago. They were pretty lame, but I knew I couldn’t let them get out of hand. They were a clear reflection of what I truly wanted to achieve in my life. If it’s a value you care about, it will help you get up each morning and write about it, because that’s what it means to you.

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