5 Real-Life Lessons About which cheer person are you

This question is one of my favorites because it goes to the heart of why people, including myself, are so different from everyone else.

The answer to this is that I’m a cheerleader. As a kid I would dress up in the cheerleader uniform on prom night and get to sing songs. I think I got it wrong once or twice because we all have different cheerleader identities, but I think I got it right on one specific occasion. I was wearing a white, cheerleader-type uniform, and I was asked to take a cheerleader picture.

I still wear a cheerleader uniform to school. I do cheer for a team and cheerleader.

That’s a great question. You know who most of us cheer for? The Patriots. The New England Patriots, and the New England Patriots are awesome. But I am so different from everyone else. I wear a cheerleader uniform, I am a cheerleader, I am a cheerleader for the Patriots. I am a cheerleader for the Yankees. I feel like I have to be a cheerleader for something.

I think that people who do not cheer for the Patriots are actually a kind of “social pecking order”. If you take a picture of myself, you could say I’m a “social pecking order”. I have a lot of friends who cheer for the Patriots.

So if I had a superpower, it would definitely be the ability to cheer. I like to play on the baseball field with my friends, we have a lot of fun. I make a lot of New England Patriots jokes. I am a big baseball fan. And I think I am a very good cheerleader for the Patriots.

I don’t know if I would ever be a Patriots cheerleader. I don’t even know if I would be a Patriots cheerleader, but I know what I’m doing. I am a great cheerleader, but I am also very good at cheermaking.

That’s right, we’re all cheerleaders at the very least. We cheer for teams, we cheer for sports, we cheer for holidays, we cheer for people, and we cheer for stuff. All of which should have a similar purpose, namely, to make us happy. And just because we cheer for our team doesn’t mean we are any better than the team.

So a cheer has three goals, and they are: making the other person feel good; making the other person feel better; and making the person who cheer for you feel good.

And of course, we cheer in all different ways. You may be a cheerleader for the Boston Bruins and that makes you feel good, but you also cheer for the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Kings, and your favorite team. So you may be a cheerleader for multiple teams and the goal is to make it feel good that other people are cheering for you.

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