why do people think i’m weird

Well, let’s just say that I think that you are weird for thinking I am. I don’t think I’m a horrible person, but I do think I am weird.

Why do I think that I am weird? Well, first of all, I come from a long line of weird people. My family has been around for centuries. My grandfather was a doctor, and my great grandfather was a mathematician. My grandfather’s father was in the military and my grandfather’s father was a pilot. So I spend a lot of my time watching TV, playing video games, and reading books. I also have a penchant for making things. I have a lot of hobbies.

I have a lot of hobbies and I love to make things. I also spend a lot of time making money. I like to make money and I’m happy in it. And I’m also a very good cook. I love to cook, and I’m also a very good cook. I like to read books. I’m even a very good writer. I’ve always liked to read. I’m even a very good chef.

I hate people that think they are strange in general, but this one especially.

I don’t think most people are weird, but my husband does. He thinks he is a little weird. A lot of people think they are weird too. But when they find out what he is like, they are shocked.

We all have our own idiosyncrasies. For some, that’s a good thing, but for others, it’s a bad thing. Everyone’s tastes and preferences vary, and everyone has their own set of reasons why they do or don’t like something. A number of factors contribute to this weirdness factor, but it can be a huge one for some folks.

Most people who have a certain set of preferences and beliefs (like being a jerk).

A lot of folks have a set of “norms.” We expect certain things to be done that, in fact, don’t really need to be done. We don’t like the way this person handles his job, even with a little effort, but we expect him to do this and that. We don’t like the way this person dresses or the way his speech sounds, but we expect him to do it, and that is what he does.

In the past, there was an assumption that people were all alike. We assume that everyone has the same amount of empathy, self-awareness, and willingness to try new things. We assume that all of us are the same, and that it is so. We assume that you are one of the people we have in mind, and if you don’t fit the mold, then you are the weirdo.

I think this is a common misconception. The average person falls into a lot of different categories. Everyone has their own unique perspective on things, and that differs from person to person. A person with a self-awareness of his own habits, routines, impulses, and reactions will look at himself and others, and see a person with a similar view of himself or herself. A person without that self-awareness will look at himself or others and see an obviously not-normal person.

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