The Pradhan Mantri Shri Yojana, also known as the Prime Minister’s Shri Scheme, is a flagship initiative by the Government of India aimed at promoting the overall well-being and empowerment of women in the country. Launched under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this scheme focuses on addressing various socio-economic challenges faced by women and aims to provide them with opportunities for growth and development. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various benefits of the PM Shri Yojana and how it is making a positive impact on the lives of women in India.

Empowerment through Financial Inclusion

One of the key objectives of the PM Shri Yojana is to promote financial inclusion among women in India. Financial inclusion is essential for empowering women by providing them with access to financial resources and services. Under this scheme, women are encouraged to open bank accounts and are provided with financial literacy training to help them manage their finances effectively. This not only enables women to save money but also allows them to access credit facilities for starting or expanding their businesses.

Access to Healthcare Services

Another significant benefit of the PM Shri Yojana is the provision of healthcare services to women across the country. Through this scheme, women can avail themselves of various health-related benefits such as free health check-ups, vaccination drives, and access to quality healthcare facilities. This not only ensures the well-being of women but also helps in promoting a healthier society as a whole.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

The PM Shri Yojana also focuses on skill development and entrepreneurship among women to enable them to become self-reliant and economically independent. Various training programs are conducted under this scheme to impart essential skills to women, enabling them to explore entrepreneurship opportunities. By providing financial assistance and support for starting their own ventures, the scheme empowers women to take control of their lives and become successful entrepreneurs.

Education and Literacy

Education plays a crucial role in empowering women and enabling them to lead better lives. The PM Shri Yojana emphasizes the importance of education and literacy among women by providing scholarships, infrastructure development, and other support systems to promote education for girls. By ensuring that girls have access to quality education, the scheme aims to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy, paving the way for a brighter future for women in India.

Women’s Safety and Security

Ensuring the safety and security of women is a top priority of the PM Shri Yojana. The scheme includes various initiatives aimed at enhancing the safety of women, such as setting up helplines, establishing crisis intervention centers, and promoting awareness about women’s rights and legal provisions. By creating a safe environment for women, the scheme aims to build a society where women can live without fear and discrimination.

Empowering Rural Women

Rural women in India often face numerous challenges due to limited access to resources and opportunities. The PM Shri Yojana focuses on empowering rural women by providing them with the necessary support to enhance their livelihoods. From agricultural training programs to access to microfinance institutions, the scheme aims to uplift rural women and enable them to contribute effectively to the economic development of their communities.


In conclusion, the Pradhan Mantri Shri Yojana is a visionary initiative that aims to empower women across India by addressing various socio-economic challenges and providing them with opportunities for growth and development. From financial inclusion to healthcare services, skill development, education, women’s safety, and empowerment of rural women, the scheme covers a wide range of areas to ensure the overall well-being of women in the country. By focusing on empowering women, the PM Shri Yojana is not only transforming individual lives but also contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation as a whole.


  1. What is the main objective of the PM Shri Yojana?
  2. The main objective of the PM Shri Yojana is to empower women by providing them with opportunities for growth and development in various areas such as financial inclusion, healthcare, skill development, education, and women’s safety.

  3. How can women benefit from the PM Shri Yojana?

  4. Women can benefit from the PM Shri Yojana by availing themselves of various services and support systems provided under the scheme, such as financial assistance, healthcare facilities, skill development programs, education scholarships, and women’s safety initiatives.

  5. Is the PM Shri Yojana only for urban women?

  6. No, the PM Shri Yojana is designed to benefit women from both urban and rural areas across India. The scheme aims to empower women from all walks of life and provide them with equal opportunities for growth and development.

  7. How does the PM Shri Yojana promote entrepreneurship among women?

  8. The PM Shri Yojana promotes entrepreneurship among women by providing them with financial assistance, training programs, and support for starting their own businesses. By enabling women to become successful entrepreneurs, the scheme empowers them to become economically independent.

  9. What are some of the key components of the PM Shri Yojana?

  10. Some key components of the PM Shri Yojana include financial inclusion, healthcare services, skill development, education scholarships, women’s safety initiatives, and empowerment of rural women. These components work together to empower women and enhance their overall well-being.

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